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Project Description
Teamspeak 3 Administration Tool is developed for Teamspeak 3 Administrators to manage their Teamspeak 3 server(s).

It's developed in C# and uses TS3QueryLib.Net (TeamSpeak 3 .Net Query Library) made by Scordo (

Project is under development again ! Expect new version in the coming weeks.

Project will come back at some point, no ETA for now.

Known bug(s) :

- The Disconnect button is not activated due to a problem with the use of the library [Working on it]

- Some error handling have to be bettered [Mostly Done]

ToDo :

- Add a message that confirms that the edition was successful [Done]

- Implement the Server Creation part

- Implement Token Management (Create/Delete/Manage)

- Implement Permission Management (Create/Delete/Manage)

- Multilingual implementation

- Design amelioration [Partially done]

- Other...

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